Creators of custom waterslide decals for guitars, miniatures, models, and more!
Custom Waterslide Decals

Custom waterslide decalsWe specialize in creating high quality custom waterslide decals for hobbyist and businesses alike. Waterslide decals are used for many different applications such as; guitar headstock logos, model trains, model cars, model planes, woodworking, restorations, bicycles, and miniature gaming figures.  The list goes on and on with only your imagination being the limit.

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Request a Quote

Request a QuoteBedlam Creations can create custom waterslide decals, vinyl die-cut decals, and provide graphic design services. Which service would you like to request a quote for?

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Shop Online

We stock a selection of small waterslide decals printed on 2″x3″ sheets.  These are basic numbers, letters, stripes, checkers and symbols that you can shop for online.  They are available in a wide variety or color combinations. Some of the popular colors are stocked and can be shipped out right away, however some decals are print on demand and may take a couple days to produce before shipping.

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